Alcohol-Attributable Deaths and Years of Potential Life Lost- 11 States, 2006-2010

Katherine Gonzales, MPH1, Jim Roeber, MSPH2, Dafna Kanny, PhD3, Annie Tran, MPH4, Cathy Saiki, MS5, Hal Johnson, MPH6, Kristin Yeoman, MD7, Tom Safranek, MD8, Kathleen Creppage, MPH9, Alicia Lepp10, Tracy Miller, MPH10, Nato Tarkhashvili, MD11, Kristine E. Lynch, PhD12, Joanna R. Watson, DPhil13, Danielle Henderson, MPH14, Megan Christenson, MS, MPH15, Sarah Dee Geiger, PhD16 (Author affiliations at end of text).

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  • Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
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