Influenza Activity - United States, 2013-14 Season andComposition of the 2014-15 Influenza Vaccines

Scott Epperson, MPH1, Lenee Blanton, MPH1, Krista Kniss, MPH1, Desiree Mustaquim, MPH1, Craig Steffens, MPH1, Teresa Wallis, MS1, Rosaline Dhara, MPH1, Michelle Leon, MPH1, Alejandro Perez, MPH1, Sandra S. Chaves, MD1, Anwar Abd Elal1, Larisa Gubareva, MD1, Xiyan Xu, MD1, Julie Villanueva, PhD1, Joseph Bresee, MD1, Nancy Cox, PhD1, Lyn Finelli, DrPH1, Lynnette Brammer, MPH1 (Author affiliations at end of text).

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  • Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
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