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Animals in Schools and Daycare Settings | CDC Features

students  children  field  contact  public  schools  animals  pets  CDC Features  hand washing  teachers  handling  daycare  trips  classroom  animals in schools  animals in daycare 

Animals can be entertaining and educational. However, people, especially children, can get sick from contact with animals. The good news: You can help prevent illnesses from animals.

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Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Resources for Health Professionals

flu  children  storage  seniors  vaccine  adults  ACIP  influenza  older adults  effectiveness  clinicians  doctors  flu vaccine  health care professionals  health care workers  high risk  LAIV  nasal spray  efficacy  TIV 

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Influenza Flu - vaccination resources for healh care professionals includes links to ACIP resources, flu vaccine information and patient education materials.

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